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Biometric & Alarm Security System - Door Lock YH-32

Biometric & Alarm Security System - Door Lock YH-32

Price: 99 AED


Most latch type rim electric locks are designed to provide Access-Control only and they are not suitable as a primary security lock. An additional deadbolt lock must therefore be installed. The innovative "BLOCK-OUT" electric lock incorporates a deadbolt in the mechanism and thus provides security in access control applications.


  • Right or left hand versions

  • Brass internal and external key cylinder

  • Lock case and striker galvanized and epoxy coated. Mounting plates galvanised

  • Supplied with 3 nickel plated brass keys

  • Recommended power supply: 12V AC or DC - 1,5Amp with minimum 5 Amp rated cabling

  • The lock is specially designed with the same universal fixing holes as most inferior electric locks. It is therefore suitable for use in replacement or upgrading of existing locks and in most cases the old lock´s striker can be used if so desired

  • Operation: Inside - latch operated electrically, by mechanical push button or by key. Key operates the deadbolt. Outside operation of latch and deadbolt by key.

  • Security function: If the deadbolt is extended, the lock can only be opened with the key.

  • Latch: nickel-plated brass deadlocking latch

  • Deadbolt: nickel-plated brass, single throw with 20 mm projection

  • Supplied with galvanized mounting plates

  • There is a self-lubricating nylon support in the striker opposite the loading pin. This ensures the correct operation of the lock, even if there is vertical adjustment between the lock and the striker (a common occurrence due to weather changes and sagging of the gate)

  • Nylon handle, cylinder and button ring

  • Brass button

  • If installed on lightweight doors and gates, the loading strength can easily be reduced by removing a circlip inside the loc