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Video Door Phone - MSE-777

Video Door Phone - MSE-777

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Main Features

1)     Manual touch switch, able to control all lights on/off, timing on/off, full on/off, delay off, scene conversion, etc. While it can achieve remote control from the smart host by mobile instructions.

2)     Industrial grade electric control chipset, lower power consumption, energy-saving;

3)     Humanized indicator with lighting, easy to use in the night

4)     433MHz wireless signal transmission frequency, 315MHz transmission customized;

5)     10A high power relays, electric 100000 times, mechanical 10000000 times;

6)     Rated current requirement for 10A in each channel;

7)     AC100V-250V wide working voltage range, meeting the different countries and environmental requirements for voltage;

8)     The panel uses industrial fire-retardant materials and physical toughened glass, durable digital touch screen design;

9)     Advanced over-current, over-voltage and 6000V lightning protection design, lines are less influenced by electrostatic and damp environment;

10)  Able to control any number controlled devices;

11)  Working temperature: 0℃-50℃, storage temperature: -20℃-70℃;

12)  Installation type: standard 86 type bottom box、null / live line

13)  Dimension: standard 86 type panel, weight: 129g